Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.How to Use BLNG?
    Simply open the package, and then take a hit!
  • 2.How Can I Purchase a BLNG?
    Please contact us or email sales@blngvape.com. Someone will get back to you and help you ASAP.
  • 3.What are the BLNG Warranty and Return Policy?
    Please contact the retailer where your device was purchased, and provide your original purchase receipt.
    • Purchased from official store simply contact our team.
    • If you bought from Amazon, or other authorized online store, apply directly on E-platform.
  • 4.How Long Can a BLNG Last?
    It depends on how heavily you vape and how often you use it. However, BLNG lasts longer than 90% of the disposable e-cigarette pods in the market.
  • 5.How to Know When BLNG Product Is Empty?

    When you cannot puff out anything, it is empty. But the last draw will not taste burnt at all, as our BLNG product is consistent from beginning to end.

  • 6.How Could I Become Your Wholesaler?

    Please contact us or email sales@blngvape.com.

  • 7.What Is Your Wholesale Pricing?

    Please contact us or email sales@blngvape.com.

  • 8.What Is The Minimum Age to Purchase BLNG Products?

    You must be of legal smoking age in your state / country to purchase e-cigarette.

  • 9.If Coming Across After-sales Service Problem, How To Contact You?

    You are welcome to send email to us directly, and the email address is sales@blngvape.com.

  • 10. Is There Anything Special About BLNG Product's Flavor?

    BLNG product has incomparable flavor and design among another disposables e-cigarette sticks in the market. Every puff would give you a solid throat hit, deep satisfaction.